Yeo charts new territory in latest single ‘好好的過 (Have A Nice Life)’

Featuring Taiwanese-Australian artist Chendy

Melbourne artist Yeo is charting new territory with his latest release, ‘好好的過 (Have A Nice Life)’, featuring vocalist and songwriter Chendy.

The track marks the producer’s first time performing in a language that isn’t English, singing predominantly in Chendy’s native tongue of Mandarin instead.

“Singing in Mandarin for the first time definitely had me feeling self-conscious, even though I studied it for six years as a child,” Yeo said in a press statement.


“I know I will never sound like a native speaker but I thought, Korean artists do it all the time, so I should at least have a go.”

Listen to ‘好好的過 (Have A Nice Life)’ below:

“This song describes the aftermath of a breakup that has occurred abruptly,” Yeo explained of the song.

“Two characters meditate separately on previous choices that may or may not have led to bringing the relationship to an end.”

Taiwanese-Australian Chendy also said that co-writing the song marked the first time she had written music outside of Taiwan.


“I wrote with Yeo during my long break back in Australia after spending years in the Taiwanese entertainment industry. I had never written outside of Taiwan at the time and was quite new to co-writing, so I was a bit nervous at first,” Chendy said.

“At the studio, ideas just came flowing naturally like having a conversation,” she continued.

“It was fun to write a Mandarin ballad in Australia. Being from a mixed culture background myself, it was a special experience.”

Yeo’s most recent effort came in the form of production for Brendan MacLean‘s latest cut ‘Gemini’, which dropped last month.