Yeule shares unsettling music video for new single, ‘Friendly Machine’

From their upcoming sophomore album ‘Glitch Princess’

Singapore-born, London-based artist Yeule has released a new music video for ‘Friendly Machine’.

In the music video, directed by Joy Song and released Wednesday, November 10, Yeule is under observation in what appears to be a psychiatric facility. Throughout the course of the video, their behaviour gets increasingly more erratic, ultimately dripping green paint from their head all over the polished white floor.

Watch the music video for ‘Friendly Machine’, which Yeule has described in a statement as “the illusion of mortality”, below.


‘Friendly Machine’ serves as the third single Yeule – also known as Nat Çmiel – has released from their upcoming sophomore album, ‘Glitch Princess’. The album, announced in October, is slated to release on February 4, 2022 via Bayonet Records.

Yeule wrote ‘Glitch Princess’ during the pandemic, they recently told MusicTech in an interview. “I was isolated a lot. I was going back to my hikikomori ways,” they said. “My anxiety got so bad that I couldn’t leave, and I was just locked in, again… I need to figure out why it’s become so crystallised in my identity to be very isolated, or to prefer isolation.”

Other previously released tracks from album are ‘My Name Is Nat Çmiel’ and the most recent track, ‘Don’t Be So Hard On Your Own Beauty’, which received a music video in October.

In September, Yeule released a five-hour-long ambient/industrial track featuring production by Danny L. Harle.


In July, they shared ‘Serotonin X’, a compilation project that featured five remixes of songs from their 2019 debut album ‘Serotonin II’, and in August, they released ‘Nuclear War Post X’, a covers record that saw the musician cover tracks from the likes of Frank Ocean, Grimes and more.