Yeule shares cover of Haley Heynderickx’s ‘The Bug Collector’

The electronic pop artist goes acoustic for a hushed rendition of the 2018 tune

Singaporean electronic pop artist Yeule has released a cover of ‘The Bug Collector’, a song by folk artist Haley Heynderickx.

The song is originally from Heynderickx’s 2018 debut album ‘I Need to Start a Garden’. The London-based songwriter and producer has stripped the song down, trimming its original three-minute length by half.

Watch her performance below.


The video was teased on Monday, with Yeule writing on her Facebook page: “in nuclear war post CCXXII i cover thě̸̟̊̓́̓ bȕ̴̧͕͊̓̈́͂̈́̈́͋͝g collë̶̟͉̼̲̳̃͂̈̐̔͋̀͂͜ctor by hayley heynderickx th3 full version will b on my youtube on tues”.

Yeule’s take on ‘The Bug Collector’ is her latest cover following her rendition of Frank Ocean’s ‘Self Control’ in July.

The Frank Ocean cover was released on July 3 in coordination with Bandcamp Day, with all proceeds donated to the LGBTQ Freedom Fund. In January, she released a cover of Melody’s Echo Chamber’s ‘Quand Vas Tu Rentrer’.

Yeule released her first full-length album ‘Serotonin II’ in 2019 via Bayonet Records. Prior to that, she had put out three EPs: 2017’s ‘Coma’, 2016’s ‘Pathos’ and her 2014 self-titled project.


In June, Yeule released a remix of ‘Eva’ from ‘Serotonin II’, by vaporwave producer George Clanton.