Yeule teases second album with new song ‘My Name Is Nat Ćmiel’

‘Glitch Princess’ is out later this year

London-based Singaporean synth pop artist Yeule has released ‘My Name Is Nat Ćmiel’, a new song from her upcoming album ‘Glitch Princess’.

Over soft synth-like keys, Yeule reintroduces herself. Her robotic monotone twitches and glitches as she reels off a litany of things she likes, some mundane and others less so. “I like to eat, but I don’t like it when it lingers on my body,” she says. “I like to take up as little space as possible.”

The song arrived on New Year’s Eve with an accompanying, self-directed video. See Yeule pursue a butterfly, play with her cat Miso and spend time in what looks like her bedroom below:


Yeule’s sophomore album ‘Glitch Princess’ will be released this year on Bayonet Records, the American indie label that also released her acclaimed debut album ‘Serotonin II’ in 2019.

Details on the record are sparse at the moment, though it might also include the track ‘Friendly Machine’, which Yeule premiered in a live-streamed performance in November. She also performed covers of Grouper and Melody’s Echo Chamber, plus cuts from ‘Serotonin II’.

Last year, Yeule shared covers of Frank Ocean’s ‘Self Control’ and Haley Heynderickx’s ‘The Bug Collector’. The former, released on Bandcamp in July, raised funds for the LGBTQ Freedom Fund.

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