Yeule’s new song, produced by Danny L Harle, is nearly five hours long

‘4.44: The Things They Did For Me Out of Love’ features ethereal harmonies, blissful synths and industrial drones

Yeule has released ‘4.44: The Things They Did For Me Out of Love’, an ambient track that is nearly five hours long.

The song – which runs for a total of 4 hours 44 minutes, as indicated in its title – was produced by UK artist Danny L Harle. It features soaring ethereal harmonies, resembling Yeule’s voice, that glide over blissful synths and industrial drones.

The track was released by the London-based Singaporean pop experimentalist yesterday (September 28). Its visualiser features a recurring apparition of Yeule hovering in a glass box, in artwork created by photographer Neil Krug.


The single follows up Yeule’s recent covers album, ‘Nuclear War Post X – The Covers Record’, which featured renditions of songs by Frank Ocean, The Velvet Underground, Grimes and Big Thief, among others.

Yeule is currently working on their second full-length album, ‘Glitch Princess’, which was announced in January this year with an introductory single, ‘My Name is Nat Ćmiel’.

Last week, Yeule revealed that they will be performing at Sónar CCCB, a virtual offshoot of the Spanish music festival, with guest British singer-songwriter Lucinda Chua. The online performance will take place October 29.

In July, Yeule released ‘Serotonin X’, an EP that saw tracks from their 2019 album ‘Serotonin II’ remixed by Leonn, vaporwave producer George Clanton, dj poolboi and more.

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