YG reveals two Thai members of new girl group BabyMonster, Chiquita and Pharita

The label previously revealed members Ruka, Haram, Asa, Rora, and Ahyeon

YG Entertainment has introduced two Thai members as part its new girl group BabyMonster in 17-year-old Pharita and 13-year-old Chiquita.

The two new members were revealed in two consecutive weeks, with Chiquita’s announcement arriving on January 23 ahead of Pharita’s reveal on February 2. Both announcements were accompanied by live performance videos highlighting their vocals, with Pharita showing off a cover of Sam Fischer and Demi Lovato’s ‘What Other People Say’ and Chiquita taking on Singaporean Mandopop star JJ Lin’s ‘Bedroom’ featuring Anne-Marie.

Watch Pharita and Chiquita’s live performance videos below.


The South Korean music label previously released a video starring five of BABYMONSTER’s members, Ruka, Haram, Asa, Rora, and Ahyeon, on January 19. YG Entertainment has also uploaded a video featuring 15-year-old member Haram’s vocal cover of Mario’s 2004 single, ‘Let Me Love You’, and another of Ahyeon singing ‘Sway With Me’ by Saweetie and GALXARA in order to drum up anticipation for the group’s debut.

YG Entertainment initially announced plans to debut a new girl group through a video titled ‘YG NEXT MOVEMENT’ that was released on December 31 last year. It featured clips of the girl group’s members training during rehearsals along with anecdotes about the trainees from their labelmates.

“Think of them as a baby that has the genes of YG,” YG Entertainment founder and executive producer Yang Hyun-suk said of BabyMonster. “Just like how they shocked me at monthly evaluations over the past four years, I really hope they become stars that will shock this world.”

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