YG’s ‘My Krazy Life’ returns to streaming platforms after ‘Meet The Flockers’ controversy

The track has now removed lyrics about “Chinese neighbourhoods”

YG‘s ‘My Krazy Life’ has returned to streaming services with altered lyrics after a track on the 2014 album faced a backlash for featuring lyrics about targeting “Chinese neighbourhoods” during burglaries.

The track ‘Meet The Flockers’, which was removed earlier this week, now no longer contains the lyric “Chinese neighbourhoods” after it was accused of inciting violence.

Last week it was also reported that employees at YouTube had called for the song’s removal from the site, although the request to YouTube’s Trust & Safety team was ultimately denied.


A letter to staff, as Pitchfork reports, previously said: “We’ll start by saying we find this video to be highly offensive and understand it is painful for many to watch, including many in Trust & Safety and especially given the ongoing violence against the Asian community. One of the biggest challenges of working in Trust & Safety is that sometimes we have to leave up content we disagree with or find offensive.”

The email went on to note that while the lyrics violated the company’s hate speech policy, the song would stay up because its “artistic context” was in line with an Educational, Documentary, Scientific or Artistic exception.

The backlash follows the widespread condemnation of anti-Asian violence after a mass shooting in Atlanta last month.

The attacks took place at two spas in the city and at a massage parlour in the suburb of Acworth, which is located approximately 30 miles north of Atlanta (via the BBC).

It has been confirmed that six of the victims were women of Korean descent, while the suspect, named as Robert Aaron Long, faces multiple counts of murder as well as aggravated assault.