Yonnyboii, Zynakal and Asyraf Nasir share animated music video for ‘Tak Sangka’

The Malaysian rappers team up

Malaysian rappers Yonnyboii, Zynakal and Asyraf Nasir have released an animated music video for their new collaborative single, ‘Tak Sangka’.

The music video arrived on YouTube on Friday (August 20) following the release of the track on streaming platforms. The track sees the three artists trade hip-hop verses over thick trap production with tight snare beats and bright synths.

The video for ‘Tak Sangka’ begins with an animated Zynakal, locked in a cage in the middle of a circus. While he tries to escape from his straitjacket, Yonnyboii appears with a rocket launcher in hand. Asyraf Nasir, clad in a white and orange suit, joins them later.


Watch the music video for ‘Tak Sangka’ below.

Thematically, ‘Tak Sangka’ touches upon the three rappers’ journey of chasing their dreams and proving doubters wrong in the process. “The lyrics were written based on today’s society who are somewhat fake and pretentious which I expressed in the track,” said Zynakal in a press statement, per The Vibes.

Asyraf Nasir added, “Dashed with our uniquely fortified characters, it creates this special sense of excitement urging you to jump as high as you can with an inexplicable adrenaline rush. It is a statement song, so if anyone wants to express themselves, this is the track.”

The Vibes’ report also claims that the track was written and recorded in five hours. The musicians were apparently planning to record a K-pop-inspired track, but were ultimately led in a different direction.

‘Tak Sangka’, which was released via Def Jam Malaysia, is Yonnyboii’s fifth track of the year. Prior to the release of ‘Tak Sangka’, he featured on the label’s Malaysian remix of A. Nayaka’s ‘Orang Lain’.


Zynakal, who released another track entitled ‘Sayang Aku Tanya Apa Khabar’ earlier this year, collaborated with Yonnyboii for the 2020 single ‘Sakit’. Asyraf Nasir made his debut in 2019 with the track ‘Comfortable’ before releasing three more songs throughout 2020.