K-pop singer Yukika is set to get married to a former South Korean celebrity

“I met someone who leads my life in an even happier and brighter direction"

Japanese-born K-pop singer Yukika has announced that she is set to get married soon.

Over the weekend, on April 23, the 29-year-old singer broke the news about her upcoming marriage in a handwritten letter, which was uploaded to her personal Instagram account. “I came to Korea in 2016, and six years have already passed since then,” she wrote, as translated by Soompi. “Starting from group activities to my solo debut, many things have happened.”

“I’m both happy and amazed that I’m continuing to gain so many different memories and experiences here in my second homeland,” the singer added. “I met someone who leads my life in an even happier and brighter direction, and we will be getting married.”


“I’m sure there are people who will be surprised by this sudden news, but I hope that you will congratulate me and cheer me on for the future,” Yukika concluded. “I will work hard to show you even better things in the future and bring you good music through my next album!”

On the same day, Yukika’s agency Ubuntu Entertainment confirmed that the singer is engaged to a former South Korean celebrity, while noting that the couple have yet to decide on a date for their wedding.

“He once promoted as a celebrity, but he is currently working in a different field,” wrote the agency. “As he has left the entertainment industry, we ask for your understanding regarding the fact that we can’t reveal the details of his identity.”

Last September, Yukika released her second Japanese-language digital single titled ‘Tokyo Lights’. The release had come five months after she unveiled her first-ever mini-album, the Korean-language ‘Timeabout’ and its lead single ‘Insomnia’.

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