Watch Yukika’s fantastical video for new single ‘Insomnia’

From her new mini-album ‘timeabout’

Japanese-born K-pop singer Yukika released her first mini-album, ‘timeabout’.

The comeback, which her agency Ubuntu Entertainment confirmed last February, continues the city pop sound the singer first featured on her debut solo single, ‘Neon’. It includes six tracks, such as the title track ‘Insomnia’ and the pre-release song ‘Lovemonth (애월 (愛月)’. Notably, ‘Imsomnia’ was co-written by Im Sooho and N!ko, both of whom worked on IU‘s hit song ‘LILAC’.


The project dropped alongside a fantastical video for ‘Insomnia’, which stars Yukika as a time-traveling night club singer. She goes back to her the past and find her former self in order to give herself the courage to return to the stage.

Turn on the light of my deep night / I can’t fall asleep, my stereo beats and / gets nervous over my breath / Insomnia, where we are,” she sings on the disco-influenced city pop tune.

Yukika debuted as a solo artist in February 2019 with the city pop anthem ‘Neon’, followed by the single ‘Cherries Jubiles’ in July. Both songs appeared on her debut solo album, ‘Soul Lady’.

Prior to her solo debut, Yukika was a contestant on the 2017 South Korean survival reality competition, Mix Nine. The singer was eliminated in the show’s tenth episode, finishing in 34th place.


In other K-pop news, Red Velvet’s Wendy is preparing to make her solo debut with a mini-album titled ‘Like Water’. According to her agency SM Entertainment, it will include five songs that feature “sincere messages and warm emotions”.

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