Yung Raja drops three new songs in ‘MIKE’ EP

Singaporean rapper continues his 2021 streak

Yung Raja has dropped his first-ever EP, ‘MIKE’.

With this three-song project, out today (October 22), the Singaporean rapper continues his 2021 streak that has entailed the singles ‘Spice Boy’ and ‘Mami’. The latter was notably and lightheartedly roasted by Jimmy Fallon in July. Though ‘Mami’ was part of a Tonight Show segment called “Do Not Play”, Fallon later told Raja that he and house band The Roots “loved that jam”.

While ‘Spice Boy’ and ‘Mami’ were defined by short earworm hooks, those are nowhere to be found on ‘MIKE’. Instead, this project emphasises Raja’s rapping chops and wordplay. Opener ‘SHEESH (Godspeed)’ showcases his hypnotic flow over a barely-there beat, while the bassy title track has a processed, wordless chorus. On closer ‘SHMOKE’, Raja shouts out his longtime producers FlightSch and RIIDEM (or Shorya), who both produced the project.


Stream ‘MIKE’ below:

Lyrically, ‘MIKE’ is dotted with references to Yung Raja’s background and journey as a rapper, from his beginnings in the indie label M03 Records to his desires to further his ambitions abroad to his home in Singapore’s Little India.

“This project came from a different part of my soul that I’ve not put on paper before,” he said in a press statement. “These three songs are my story. The story of striving to thrive.”

‘MIKE’ is Yung Raja’s first EP. The rapper, who has yet to release an album, has mainly made his name on singles, starting with his 2018 breakout song ‘Mustafa’ and continuing with ‘Mad Blessings’ and ‘The Dance Song’. The latter was his first release on US label Alamo Records. Raja is also signed to Def Jam Southeast Asia.