Yungblud is filming a music video in London this afternoon – and he wants his fans to join him

"Come after school, come after work, bring signs, dress how you fucking want"

Yungblud has invited his fans to join him at his latest music video shoot, which is taking place on the Southbank in central London today (June 20).

The Yorkshire artist, real name Dominic Harrison, first informed his fans on Saturday (June 18) that he was planning on filming a new video in the capital today.

“On Monday, I am going to shoot a music video for the next song I am releasing,” he wrote in a message to fans. “This song is an act of defiance against sadness, and I don’t think it would feel right if we weren’t shooting it together.


“Come to Southbank at 3:30pm. No age limit, no applications, come after school, come after work, bring signs, dress how you fucking want. The theme is: ‘Don’t feel like feeling sad today’. Oh yeah, and maybe you might want to bring a water pistol.”

Yungblud has confirmed this morning that fans wishing to be part of his next music video should head to Festival Pier on the Southbank at 3:30pm today, adding “see you there”.

The track in question is expected to be a cut from the artist’s upcoming self-titled third studio album, which is set for release in September.

Speaking to NME earlier this month about the LP, Yungblud said: “The name Yungblud, as it’s gotten bigger, has been twisted relentlessly as every single person has had an opinion on who I am.

“This album is not a ‘woe is me’ rockstar story; it’s about me reclaiming my own name, and humanising the caricature that everybody else has made me into.”

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