Yungblud pushes back ‘Weird!’ album release due to coronavirus delays

"I needed to get this album to you because you fucking deserve it"

Yungblud has delayed his second album by a few weeks due to constraints linked to the coronavirus crisis.

The artist, who was due to share ‘Weird!‘ on November 13, has now postponed the release to December 4 due to vinyl production delays.

“Some of the vinyl houses and production companies who are making some of physical units are experiencing severe delays,” Yungblood told fans in an Instagram video post today (October 21).


“And that the album wouldn’t be able to potentially get to people – shipped to people – as normal.

Yungblud (Picture: Getty)

“I needed to get this album to you because you fucking deserve it,” he continued. “This has been the weirdest fucking year imaginable. And this is a conversation between us, and it needed to come imminently because fuck waiting until March next year. That’s not happening. I wanted to push it back to December 4 because I’ve been assured by then that [the] physical albums you’ve bought…that you’ve put your time and your faith in will be shipped on time as if there would be no pandemic going on.”

The musician, whose real name is Dominic Harrison, clarified that those who’ve bought tickets to ‘The Weird Time of life’ virtual world tour in support of the new album will still be able to attend. Ticketholders will hear songs from the new album before the record is officially released, Yungblud confirmed.


‘Weird!’ follows on from Harrison’s 2018 self-titled debut and last year’s ‘The Underrated Youth’ EP. So far he’s released the singles ‘God Save Me, But Don’t Drown Me Out’ and ‘Cotton Candy’.

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