Zack Tabudlo announces debut album ‘Episode’

Featuring past singles ‘Habang Buhay’ and ‘Binibini’

Filipino singer-songwriter Zack Tabudlo has announced his debut album ‘Episode’, which will be released on October 15.

Tabudlo revealed the tracklist and album art for ‘Episode’ on social media yesterday (October 5). The album is set to include past singles ‘Habang Buhay’, ‘Binibini’, ‘Hindi Ko Kaya’, and ‘Elizabeth’. Find the full tracklist below.

He has also opened pre-orders for its physical edition, where the album will be issued as a flash drive with other collectible items. It includes a comic print and a “mini cinema kit” that fans can assemble to watch his music videos. You can pre-order here.


Tabudlo describes ‘Episode’ as “an album based on so many experiences, and so many emotions.”

In a message to fans on his official website, he wrote: “[I’ve] written and produced these tracks with different styles and genres for a lot of you to dive into. [You’re] about to enter a roller coaster ride of personal stories of mine from life, heartbreak, love, and a lot more. Welcome to my world of music.”

The album will also include ‘Ba’t Ganto Ang Pag-Ibig’, which was previously announced as a single but was postponed and is so far still unreleased. Explaining the decision to push it back, Tabudlo wrote on an Instagram post on September 14: “Things have been pretty intense and crazy lately and I don’t think the timing is right.”

The tracklist for Zack Tabudlo’s album ’Episode’ is:

1. ‘Heart Can’t Lose’
2. ‘Para sa mga Ex’
3. ‘Lost’
4. ‘Hindi Ko Kaya’
5. ‘Calm Me Down’
6. ‘Binibini’
7. ‘Ba’t Ganto ang Pag-ibig’
8. ‘Habang Buhay’
9. ‘Elizabeth’
10. ‘Simula Pa Lang Nung Una’
11. ‘First and Last’
12. ‘Huwag Mong Pahulain’
13. ‘High’
14. ‘Give Me Your Forever’

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