Zack Tabudlo releases romantic new single, ‘As You Are’

"It’s about loving someone for who they are," explained the Filipino singer-songwriter

Filipino singer-songwriter Zack Tabudlo has dropped his latest single, ‘As You Are’.

Released today (April 29) on all major streaming platforms, the self-written track reflects a phase of Tabudlo’s life where he looked at relationships and realised how much love one can feel for the right person, per a press release.

In an Instagram post, he further explained the inspiration behind the track: “It’s about loving someone for who they are. A weird feeling that bursts out of your heart when you’re with the right person. And giving everything you can to a certain someone, making them feel that they deserve the whole world.”


There’s something in you that makes me feel / That baby you’re too good to be true / And I’m not perfect but I’ll make it clear / I’ll love you as you are,” he croons on the track.

Listen to ‘As You Are’ below:

‘As You Are’ is the 20-year-old singer’s first English-language single, and follows the solo track ‘Asan Ka Na Ba’ released in March.


Prior to these singles, Tabudlo released three collaborations this year: ‘HATDOG’ with James Reid, ‘Give Me Your Forever’ with Thai actor-singer Billkin and ‘Iba’ with Moira dela Torre. In 2021, he released his debut album ‘Episode’.

Next month, Tabudlo will embark on a tour of the United States with fellow OPM act December Avenue.

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