Zack Tabudlo releases heartbreaking music video for ‘Binibini’

Starring a young couple on the outs, played by Seth Fedelin and Andrea Brillantes

Filipino musician Zack Tabudlo has released a music video for his single ‘Binibini’, which dropped last month.

The music video, directed by Dan Villegas, premiered Monday (April 12). It features a young couple, played by Seth Fedelin and Andrea Brillantes, at the point of their break-up. Together, they relive the moments they’ve shared throughout the relationship as time rewinds all the way back to the day they first met.

While the audiences watch this relationship play out in reverse, from a sour ending to its earlier days of happiness, Tabudlo performs the song in heavy rain, symbolising his own experiences with a previous lover.


Watch it below:

In a press release, Tabudlo revealed that he had written ‘Binibini’ at the peak of a romantic relationship with a former flame.

“She was the binibini that I would dance with in the middle of the rain, in the middle of a chaos, or whatever’s happening around us.”

Zack also shared that in his view, ‘Binibini’ is about more than just a simple crush or a cliched relationship. To him, the song is about a mutual connection between two people who are romantically swept away with each other but are “waiting for the right moment to say what they feel”.

“Despite of what everyone says or what problems the two of you are facing in life, the both of you will be there for each other and will always be behind each other in every situation there is.”


On Instagram, Zack Tabudlo thanked the crew and the two actors, as well as director Dan Villegas for their hard work in making the music video possible.



‘Binibini’ was released in March under Island Records Philippines, which launched last August with Tabudlo as one of their initial signings. It’s his third single of 2020 following ‘Elizabeth’ and ‘Iyong Iyo’.