Zack Tabudlo shares emotional music video starring James Reid for ‘Para Sa Mga Ex’

Continuing the visual rollout of Tabudlo's debut album 'Episodes'

Filipino singer-songwriter Zack Tabudlo has shared a poignant music video starring James Reid for his single ‘Para Sa Mga Ex’.

The visual for the track, the second on his recently released debut album ‘Episode’, dropped on YouTube on Sunday evening (October 24). It kicks off with an intoxicated Reid returning home late at night and spending the wee hours of the morning wide awake in anxiety.

Reid lives in isolation and is seen constantly checking his smartphone for messages, going on angry outbursts, and breaking down in tears.


Watch the video, which was directed by Kani Villaflor, below.

On Instagram, Tabudlo praised Reid for his emotional performance and thanked him for agreeing to be in the video despite having taken time off from acting.

“[There is] so much emotion in a music video, thank you so much for doing this after 2 years of taking a break wt acting brother,” Tabudlo wrote.

“You can really see the difference of real actors and how they can portray characters in such a passionate and unique way.”


On Monday, Tabudlo told ABS-CBN News the actor’s music label, Careless Music, reached out to him about the collaboration while he was in the process of completing the ‘Episode’ album.

“We were in talks about doing the music videos for the album. It was just perfect timing,” Tabudlo said.

“‘What if James hops in to one of the music videos?’ Sakto, ‘Para sa Mga Ex’ was the missing music video. ‘Yeah, let’s do it.’ Everything connected!”

The video comes less than two weeks after Tabudlo released the 14-track album, which was previewed by the singles ‘Binibini’, ‘Ba’t Ganito Ang Pag-ibig’, ‘Habang Buhay’ and ‘Elizabeth’.

The album also dropped alongside the first music video ‘Heart Can’t Lose’, which was labelled “Episode 1”, and marks the first out of 14 videos for each song on the album. ‘Para Sa Mga Ex’ is the second ‘episode’. The videos are expected to roll out until early December.

Tabudlo is also slated to stage a digital performance on December 23 but has yet to share more details on the showcase.

In June, Reid released the single ‘Hello’, dropping a light-hearted music video for it in August.