Zamaera says she’s now an independent artist and promises new music

The Malaysian rapper says trying to reach a settlement with her previous label was "the biggest adversity" and the reason why she hasn't released new solo material since 2019

Zamaera has revealed that she is now an independent artist – with new music on the way.

The Malaysian rapper posted a note on social media yesterday (March 29) to break the news, sharing that trying to reach a settlement with her previous label was a drawn-out process that left her unable to release new music since 2019.

“For the past 18 months, I’ve been trying to reach a settlement with the label I was signed to. It was the biggest adversity I was facing because that was the main reason I could not release any new music since October 2019,” Zamaera wrote.


“I’m not going to dive into the details (saving that for the diss tracks) but I am finally proud to announce that I am now officially an independent artist. 100% indie and self-managed. Eager to learn and excited to collaborate.”

She also announced that she plans to release remixes and originals, with the first one coming later this week.


Zamaera was signed to Malaysian label Lakefront Records, with her last release with them being the 2019 single ‘Jangan Salah Sangka’.

In an interview in 2019, Zamaera said she met Lakefront Records CEO Bryan Tan in 2017. “They had proposed me to enter into Lakefront’s artist development program which was supposed to last for two years but of course, things progressed fast for me,” she told 2cents Malaysia.


“In that program, I’ve learned plenty of things that guide me in being a better artist from brushing up on my singing skills, to consistent practice in knowing musical notes and what not.”

Though Zamaera has not released any solo material since 2019, she has featured on other artist’s songs. Last December, she collaborated with Singaporean rapper THELIONCITYBOY and Malaysian emcee Alan D on the song ‘Buang Suay’. She also teamed up with Malaysian producer DJ Aku Ash on the song ‘Salty’ in November.

Last year, she also performed at the Istana Budaya for the ROUND festival as the first-ever hip-hop performance at the venue since its opening in 1999.