Zild Benitez calls for climate justice with somber new track ‘Luha Ng Lupa’

"our country is inherently vulnerable to the effects of climate change"

Zild Benitez has dropped a music video for a new song titled ‘Luha Ng Lupa’.

Both dropped on Friday (November 20), just over a week after he released the song ‘Ibang Planeta’.

‘Luha Ng Lupa’, which translates to ‘Tears’ of the Earth’, highlights Zild’s concerns for the environment and climate change. In the video, directed by Shaira Luna, Zild sings against a backdrop of footage of tropical storms in the Philippines, compiled by Youth Advocates for Climate Action Philippines.


Watch the music video below.

The song and video come after a series of typhoons struck Manila and the wider island of Luzon, leaving massive flooding and a path of destruction in their wake.

“i wrote this song 2 years ago,” Zild said in an accompanying statement, “and sadly i think it has become even more relevant today. our country is inherently vulnerable to the effects of climate change.”

Zild also called on viewers to “sign petitions and donate” and “demand climate justice”, directing them to the website of the Youth Advocates for Climate Action Philippines (YACAP).


‘Luha Ng Lupa’ is Zild’s second solo release after the release of his debut solo album, ‘Homework Machine’, earlier this year, shortly before his band IV Of Spades announced a hiatus.

“All those things associated with Spades’ music, I avoided them [on ‘Homework Machine’],” Zild told NME in an interview. “I wanted all the drums to be robotic-sounding, and I didn’t want deep words in the lyrics. I told myself I’d write just like a kid talking: a more childlike approach, not like a poet or anything.”