Nathan Hartono returns with new English song, ‘Dig Deep’

The new track is his most emotionally-charged to date

Singaporean singer-songwriter Nathan Hartono has released his latest single, ‘Dig Deep’.

Originally a Mandarin track released in December last year, the English version of ‘Dig Deep’ was made available on all major streaming sites today (August 21). Listen to the track here:


The mid-tempo ballad adds a new chapter to Hartono’s musical journey, after having released a string of three Mandarin singles since 2019.

The new track, released under Warner Music Singapore, is his most emotionally-charged to date. “The song is an exploration of vulnerability and is based on my own personal journey with it. Being vulnerable with the people you love is something much easier said than done,” Hartono said.

He added: “Growing up, we sometimes condition ourselves to build our walls up so high, that we don’t even realise how much we keep to ourselves. This song is about finding that special someone who makes you want to change for the better, someone you want to let into your heart.”

‘Dig Deep’ was produced by Joy Deb of Northbound Studios, co-written with Patrik Jean and Tom Liljegren in Stockholm, Sweden, and mixed by Jason Gelchen in Singapore.

Hartono’s latest track is also a preview of his upcoming English releases and marks the first time the artist is diving back into making music in the language since the 2016 single ‘Electricity’.

“I can’t wait to share new stories with everybody. It’s a little nerve-wracking, but I like this feeling of just letting it all out there,” Hartono said.


“This marks a brand-new era of my deeper exploration into songwriting, song production and simply searching for a sound that we can all vibe to. Everything about my musicality has been in a constant state of flux but I’ve learned so much in the last few years and I’m excited to share where it’s at now”.

A music video for ‘Dig Deep’ is expected to arrive next Friday (August 28) on Apple Music and YouTube. It will be directed Hartono and filmed by Singaporean cinematographer Benjamin Ong.

Earlier this week, Hartono addressed the allegations made against radio DJ and YouTube personality Dee Kosh on his Good Hang podcast. Other musicians including Benjamin and Narelle Kheng of The Sam Willows have also spoken out on social media.