Rich Brian drops new song, ‘Don’t Care’, ahead of release of ‘1999’ EP

The Indonesian rapper says the EP is his "favourite project so far"

Rich Brian is readying the release of a new EP, and has released a new single ‘Don’t Care’.

The Indonesian rapper rhymes about fake friends, therapy and more on the determinedly carefree track, which dropped August 18. Watch the music video below, in which Brian performs the song alone out in nature:


The song will appear on Rich Brian’s new EP, ‘1999’. He took to Twitter on Sunday (August 16) to unveil the EP’s cover art and release date of August 25.

In a separate tweet, the rapper addressed his fans. He writes, “1999 is my favorite project so far. Can’t wait for yall to hear it.”

‘1999’ is Rich Brian’s first set of songs since his 2019 full-length album, ‘The Sailor’. It also looks to feature ‘Love In My Pocket’, which recently got a remix featuring eaJ of K-pop group Day6. The collaboration, released on August 10, was first teased the day before on Twitter.

‘Love In My Pocket’ was initially released with an “unfinished video” with Rich Brian frolicking in front of a green screen. “i couldn’t go on tour this year so i ran out of budget of vfx on this video lol,” reads a message from Brian before the song begins.


The video quickly became a meme as fans edited the rapper into different settings and films. The new remix picks up on those fan edits, and also features eaJ taking his turn in front of the green-screen. Watch it here:

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