‘Rust’ update will add rocket launching system and modular desert bases

Rain death from the sky in Rust's next update

Facepunch has revealed the details of Rust’s November update, including a new area to loot and a powerful weapon.

Rust’s next update will include a new location for players to fight over. The new desert bases will contain plenty of loot to gather up. Each base will be made up of a set of individual modules. The procedural base will include a handful of entry points and military buildings such as Hesco barriers and tents.

The base will be generated every time a world is created. This means that every server will have a different base, and each wipe will reset the generation.


AI scientists will be guarding the latest addition to Rust. They won’t be happy to see players coming to plunder their military materials and will put up a fight. Players hoping to loot the new location will need to come prepared.

The main attraction of the desert base is Rust’s new multi-launch rocket system. While the MLRS has been known about for a while, further details have arrived via VGC. Each MLRS will start unloaded and without an aiming module. Players wanting to unleash the destructive power of this launcher will need to find both the aiming module and up to 12 rockets.

Players can find rockets in elite, APC, and helicopter crates. Once gathered, the rockets will need to be loaded into the system. The aiming module can then be used to target a missile strike. A red circle will indicate the area that will be bombarded. Each missile will land within the red ring, but there may be some spread.

The MLRS is not drivable and must be fired in place, so maintaining control of this powerful weapon will be of significant strategic importance, especially since the weapon is powerful enough to destroy bases and other unprotected locations. It cannot fire into safe zones, of course. The only option for protection is to build three SAM sites, which can shoot down rockets even when fired in bursts of twelve.


In other news, Call Of Duty: Warzone’s new map has been shared featuring all of the points of interests players will be fighting over.

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