Taylor Swift’s live performance of ‘Betty’ at Academy of Country Music Awards hits streaming services

The live rendition of the song opens the latest 'Folklore' chapter

Taylor Swift‘s live performance of ‘Folklore’ cut ‘Betty’ at the Academy of Country Music Awards has hit streaming services as part of her latest ‘chapter’ playlist for the album.

The performance took place last week on September 17, and it now serves as the opening track on Swift’s ‘folklore: the yeah I showed up at your party chapter’ which was published today (September 21).

Listen to the full playlist below:


She performed the song on the stage of Nashville’s legendary Grand Ole Opry with an acoustic guitar and harmonica. It marked her first appearance at the ceremony in seven years.

The chapter is the fourth Swift has released since dropping ‘Folklore’, following ‘the escapism’, ‘the sleepless nights‘ and ‘the saltbox house’ chapters.

Other ‘Folklore’ tracks on this chapter include ‘the 1’, ‘cardigan’, ‘mirrorball’, ‘invisible string’ and ‘the last great american dynasty’.

NME said that the latter, written about the late Rebekah Harkness, was one of the best songs Swift has ever made, saying, “It’s an impressive song, managing to communicate a huge amount of Harkness’ life across in only a few minutes; and Swift does all of this and tops it off with a banging chorus.”

Last week, The National guitarist Aaron Dessner, who co-wrote and produced 11 songs on ‘Folklore’, said that Swift has been giving him feedback on the forthcoming album from The Big Red Machine.


“The Big Red Machine stuff is quite far along and actually, Taylor has been amazing,” he said. “I’ve shared all of that stuff with her, and she has been really helpful.”