‘2 Days And 1 Night’ viewers call for the return of Kim Seon-ho

The show's production team has since issued a statement

Viewers of the popular South Korean variety show 2 Days And 1 Night have called for the return of actor Kim Seon-ho.

Following reports by South Korean news outlet Dispatch featuring alleged conversations between Kim Seon-ho and his former girlfriend, 2 Days And 1 Night viewers took to KBS’ viewers’ rights center to petition for his reinstatement on the show.

Last month, KBS and the 2 Days And 1 Night production crew announced that the Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha actor would no longer be part of the show’s main cast following a scandal involving his ex-girlfriend.


The show and its producers had been editing out the actor’s appearances in episodes over the past three weeks. Meanwhile, the first episode that were filmed without him aired on November 7. Following which, viewers of the series have been calling for the return of Kim, per South Korean news outlet YTN.

Lee Hwang-sun, the chief producer of 2 Days And 1 Night, has since responded to said calls, in a statement to YTN. “We would like to clarify that both sides held a negotiation process with each other before making that announcement,” Lee said, as translated by Soompi.

“The production staff also deeply regrets that we can no longer show the good chemistry of the six members who have shared each other’s joys and sorrows for the past two years,” he added. “However, we will continue to do our best to show a good broadcast to the viewers in the future.”

Meanwhile, several advertisers have reportedly begun reintroducing content featuring Kim after having previously removed images of the 35-year-old actor following his recent controversy, according to reports by Channel NewsAsia and The Straits Times.

Additionally, the production company behind the upcoming film Sad Tropics has also made the decision to carry on with Kim in the lead role. “After much deliberation, the producers of Sad Tropics have decided to film the movie this year with actor Kim Seon-ho,” production company NEW said in a statement, as translated by Soompi.


Their moves follow reports by South Korean news outlet Dispatch, many of which featured alleged conversations between Kim and his former girlfriend, which appeared to contradict the initial accusations she had made towards the actor.