2PM’s Junho says he has received “about 100 offers” for K-dramas roles since ‘The Red Sleeve’

"It's taking me some time to go over all those scripts"

2PM’s Junho has spoken out about his boom in popularity among South Korean producers and filmmakers since he starred in The Red Sleeve

The K-pop idol-turned-actor was a guest star on the most recent episode of South Korean talk show Yoo Quiz On The Block, where host Yoo Jae-suk revealed that he has been “hearing so much about [Junho] within the industry” since he starred in the lead role of crown prince Yi San in The Red Sleeve.

“It seems like all producers wants you in their projects. I heard that you have been receiving countless offers recently,” said Yoo, as translated by SBS News


“Ah yes, thankfully, many producers have reached me,” confirmed Junho. “It’s taking me some time to go over all those scripts, though.” When asked about the number of offers for TV and film roles he has received since, Junho clarified that while he wasn’t sure if he was allowed to disclose an exact number, but provided an estimate: “I did receive about 100 offers so far.”

Elsewhere during his chat with Yoo, Junho also touched on the fulfillment he experiences from being able to focus on his acting career after a successful run as a K-pop idol, even going so far as to admit that his label JYP Entertainment had “no interest in getting me into the acting business too”.

“It’s always been my dream to become an actor, so I often felt quite empty whenever I was in [2PM’s] dorm alone. I wondered when I would ever be able to show my real self to the public,” he recalled. “During those times, I still prepared myself for my acting debut. I worked really hard.”