2PM’s Chansung, Jeon So-min and more confirmed to star in new romance drama

'Show Window: Queen's House' is scheduled to premiere this November

2PM singer Chansung, Jeon So-min and more have been confirmed to star in lead roles for an upcoming romance drama titled Show Window: Queen’s House (literal title).

In an announcement made by Channel A via TV Report, 2PM’s Chansung, actress Jeon So-min (Cross, My Secret Romance) Song-Yoon-ah (Assembly, Graceful Friends) and Lee Sung-jae (Abyss, Jealousy Incarnate) have been confirmed as leads for the upcoming Show Window: Queen’s House series, per Soompi’s translations.

Song Yoon-ah is set to portray Han Sun-joo, a woman at the helm of a perfect family with husband Shin Myung-seob, played by Lee. As her husband engages in an extra-marital affair with Yoon Mi-ra (played by Jeon So-min), Han Sun-joo is unaware.


Chansung of 2PM is set to play Yoon Mi-ra’s younger brother, Han Jung-won, who has absolute trust and faith in his older sister.

Show Window: The Queen’s House is described by Channel A as a mystery melodrama, where Han Sun-joo supports Yoon Mi-ra’s affair with a married man, but is clueless that the married man in question is her husband. The show is scheduled to premiere this November for sixteen episodes, though other details about the drama are scarce at the moment.

In other K-drama news, actors Han So-hee and Song Kang of the popular ongoing Netflix series Nevertheless discuss their thoughts ahead of the series finale, as well as their favourite scenes from the drama. “I think you’ll be able to enjoy the drama more if you focus on whether Park Jae-on, who has opened his eyes to the emotion of love, will be able to change and grow because of Yoo Na-bi,” teased Song.