Lee Sang-yoon says he “felt regretful” over his role in ‘Okay Madam’

"I felt really pressured to pull it off any way possible"

Lee Sang-yoon has revealed that he “felt regretful” over role in Okay Madam and that he would redo it if given the chance.

In a new interview with GQ Korea, the South Korean actor revealed that he wasn’t entirely happy with his portrayal of the character Cheol Seung in the 2020 action movie Okay Madam. He also noted the contract between his character and the tone of the film, and how that translated into the final product

“The atmosphere of the film was light and comedic, but my character was different from that. He was serious and weighty,” Lee said, as translated by Soompi. “This project was one that felt regretful in that aspect.”


“That’s why my thoughts [about the role] were complicated, and I felt really pressured to pull it off any way possible. I think the results would’ve been different if I had my current mindset of acting comfortably,” he added.

Lee also revealed that he had recently met with veteran actor Im Won-hee (Dr. Romantic, Forbidden Dream) through a variety show, who provided feedback on his performance on Okay Madam. He added that Im told him that his acting “looked unorganised”, and that it would have been better if Lee had “thought it through less”.

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