Ahn Eun-jin opens up about the end of ‘Hospital Playlist’

“It took a while [to say farewell to 'Hospital Playlist']"

Hospital Playlist actress Ahn Eun-jin has revealed that she had trouble saying goodbye to the hit series.

In the latest issue of Cosmopolitan Korea, the 30-year-old actress shared that she had found it difficult to part ways with the hit medical drama. Ahn had played Chu Min-ha on the series for two seasons.

“It took a while [to say farewell to Hospital Playlist],” she said, as translated by Soompi. “I really pestered the older actresses that appeared with me in [in the drama]. Whenever I was having a hard time, I’d call them whining and say, ‘I’m so sad today. What do I do?’.”


The actress went on to reflect on the nature of her work, which only sees her working with the same teams for a few months at a time. “Whenever I hear about my friends’ work lives, whether they like them or not, they all have teams that they must see for years at a time,” she said.

“However, I part ways with the people I meet through performances or projects after a few months. I [often think] to myself, ‘An environment in which I was able to work so comfortably is disappearing’,” she added. “Although we’ll likely meet again one day, wherever that may be, the exact formation of this particular team is only for that one project.”

Earlier this year, the production team behind Hospital Playlist said that they currently have “no specific plans” to bring back popular series for a third season. However, the team did note that “all of the production team and cast members have the definite will to unite if a new season is planned someday”.