‘Alchemy Of Souls’ will not air new episodes next week as scheduled

The show will take a break on August 13 and 14 to "enhance the level of completion for the second half [of the series]"

Alchemy Of Souls will not drop new episodes next weekend (August 13 and 14) as scheduled, its production team has announced.

On August 4, a representative of the K-drama’s production team shared a statement via South Korean news outlet Ilgan Sports announcing that the show will take a one-week break from airing its episodes in order to “enhance the level of completion for the second half [of the series]”, as translated by Soompi.

The unnamed source clarified that this week’s episodes (August 6 and 7) are scheduled to air as per normal, however the episodes previously scheduled to air on August 13 and 14 will be pushed back by a week.


Instead, two separate specials for Alchemy Of Souls will be aired during the show’s usual timeslot. “On August 13, a highlight broadcast that covers the main storyline will air, and on August 14, a special broadcast with the actors of Alchemy of Souls will air,” read the statement.

The news of the show’s broadcasting break comes shortly after reports cable network tVN have renewed Alchemy Of Souls for a second season, which will see the return of cast members Lee Jae-wook, Hwang Min-hyun and Go Yoon-jung. It is currently unclear when the new season will premiere.

Alchemy of Souls is set in the fictional kingdom of Daeho, which appears to be loosely based on Korea’s Joseon era. The series revolves around a group of nobles and warriors, whose fates become intertwined because of Hwanhonsool, a supernatural phenomenon involving the returned souls of the dead.