Alec Baldwin says he’s “overjoyed” at prospect of losing his ‘SNL’ job playing Donald Trump

Baldwin has lampooned the US President since 2016

Alec Baldwin has said he is “overjoyed” at the prospect of losing his job playing Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live in the wake of the US President’s election defeat.

Baldwin has lampooned Trump on the sketch show since the tail-end of the latter’s 2016 election campaign.

Memorable moments included the recreation of the presidential debate with Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton, during which Baldwin’s Trump frequently sidled up behind his opponent, echoing Trump’s actions in the real debate.


He also more recently went head to head with Jim Carrey, who debuted his comedy performance of Joe Biden.

The role even won Baldwin his third Primetime Emmy in 2017, and a further nomination in 2018.

Posting on Twitter on Saturday (November 7), Baldwin wrote: “I don’t believe I’ve ever been this overjoyed to lose a job before!”

He added: “It will be comforting when we have a President who doesn’t Tweet twice as much as I do … They’re gonna need an enormous shipment of tissues sent to Mar-a-Lago.


“On to my next wish. That everyone who voted in this election maintains that commitment and votes in the 2022 midterm elections. Let’s keep this going!!!”

Baldwin signed off at the weekend following Biden’s election victory with his final impression of the president in which he declared: “As anyone who died halfway through Tuesday knows, I was re-elected president of the United States.”

During the show, Dave Chappelle also took aim at Trump, calling him a “racist, hilarious son of a bitch” in his opening monologue.

The host also teased Trump for his controversial comments about using bleach to fight coronavirus. “How about some bleach? Some bleach directly in our body. Oh boy, the Secret Service is going to have to childproof the White House now. ‘Mr. President, don’t touch that stove, it’s hot. Turn those scissors around, Mr. President, if you’re going to run around the house.”

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