Alison Brie calls ‘GLOW’ cancellation “the heartbreak of my career”

"I feel very grateful for the time I had on the show"

Alison Brie has reflected on the cancellation of GLOW a few years ago, calling it the “great heartbreak of [her] career”.

The Netflix show, which follows the women’s professional wrestling circuits in the 1980s, was axed in 2020 after three seasons, having initially been renewed for a fourth.

Speaking to Decider about the decision, the actress admitted: “It’s the great heartbreak of my career. But it will forever live on as, like, this great thing. I loved working on it – maybe more than anything I’ve worked on! – and I miss it a lot. But I feel very grateful for the time I had on the show.”


Brie – who played Ruth Wilder – said learning the news “was surprising”, though added of the timing during the COVID-19 pandemic: “It was sort of eclipsed by the shock of everything that was happening globally. [Laughs] You know, so in a way it was almost like it put things in perspective.”

Alison Brie
Alison Brie CREDIT: Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Back in April, the actress reflected on how GLOW changed her career, especially after seeing “so many women working in so many different creative capacities”.

“One of the great joys of working with [co-creators] Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, who I got to work with on GLOW, is getting to be really steeped in feminism at all times, and looking at things through that lens to a degree that I hadn’t before, or maybe don’t all the time. And it’s really fun,” she told Consequence.

“I think that it’s been really empowering, the experience of working with them, and I so admire their commitment to telling stories like this and to making them insanely entertaining.”


Praising the stories on the show, she added: “They’re funny. There’s a lot of magical realism at play. There’s all different genres. There’s horror. I think that they’re just so good at finding ways to suck an audience in and then hit them over the head with that feminist punch right there at the end.

“But it certainly is constantly broadening my own perspective on my experiences as a woman. And I hope that that people take that away from this show.”

In 2020, Brie suggested they could make a movie to wrap the story up, though added she was “a little pessimistic about it actually happening”.