‘Always Sunny’ star Glenn Howerton reveals he almost went to prison

He called it "an extremely bad error in judgement"

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Glenn Howerton has revealed he almost went to prison.

The actor, who plays Dennis in the hit FX comedy, opened up on the Always Sunny podcast with his co-stars Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day.

Howerton addressed the “extremely bad error in judgement” which led to multiple felonies during his teenage years which almost sent him to jail.


He explained he tried to get a fake driver’s licence before he turned 21, and tried to trick the DMV into authorising one for him.

“Technically I have four felonies on my record,” he said on the podcast episode, before adding: “But it got expunged because I was a first time offender.”

Howerton said the DMV had taken his offence “very, very seriously” but then opted to give him community service, which he said was a “lenient” alternative punishment.

Meanwhile, season 15 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia returned last December.

The new crop of episodes see Mac (Rob McElhenney), Charlie (Charlie Day), Dennis (Glenn Howerton), Dee (Kaitlin Olson) and Frank (Danny DeVito) all head to Ireland on vacation in one episode, while other storylines tackle the coronavirus pandemic, and Frank delves into his history with Jeffrey Epstein.


There was also a nod to the Harvey Weinstein scandal in the trailer, as Dee opens up her own questionable acting class.

The previous season concluded in November 2019, with the show renewed for four more seasons back in December 2020.