Bae Suzy balances two identities in new trailer for K-drama ‘Anna’

The drama is set to premiere later this month

Coupang Play has released a new teaser for its upcoming original K-drama, Anna.

The new visual establishes the premise for the series. “People lie in their own journals, even when no one is reading,” a female voiceover states, as Yoo Mi (portrayed by Bae Suzy) is seen walking away from a car crash, dressed in an expensive-looking blazer and skirt.

The trailer cuts to a different version of Yoo Mi, one who works jobs at a cafeteria and as a maid for a wealthy woman. “I’m worried about Yoo mi the most. She wants to do many things and there’s so much she wants to try,” a male voiceover says, as Yoo Mi is seen looking over paperwork and stealing money from a cash register.


By the end of the clip, the stress of leading two completely different lives seemingly catches up to Yoo Mi and she is seen driving away and crashing into a pole—leading us to the events shown at the beginning.

Anna follows the story of a woman who endangers her own life after a small lie leads her to live out someone else’s life. Starring alongside Bae Suzy are Jung Eun-chae (The King: Eternal Monarch), Kim Jun-han (Hospital Playlist) and Park Ye-young (Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha).

The series will be helmed by director Lee Joo Young, best known for his work in films like On the Other Side of You and A Single Rider. Anna is slated to premiere on June 24, 8pm KST.