‘Archer’ gives emotional send-off to Jessica Walter in season 12 finale

The actress passed away in March this year

Archer bid farewell to Jessica Walter’s character Malory in the show’s season 12 finale.

The actress, who died on March 24 at the age of 80, had recorded the majority of her voicework for the latest season before her death.

In the season 12 finale aired on Wednesday (October 6), the show said goodbye to Malory in a brief appearance, where she saved her son Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) from his kidnappers. After her agency is acquired by IIA, Malory disappears and leaves behind a letter for Sterling.


“I thought it was time to make my own exit,” the letter reads. “I’ve decided it’s time to pass the torch. Try not to burn yourself with it.

Jessica Walter
Jessica Walter Credit: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

“And I know my decision may seem abrupt, but we don’t always get to choose the perfect moment. From wherever I am, I will be watching over you.”

A later scene shows Malory sitting on a tropical beach alongside Ron Cadillac, voiced by Walter’s husband Ron Leibman, who passed away in 2019. He asks: “And how is my lady love?”

“Infinitely better now,” Malory replies. The screen then fades to black to show a tribute card which reads: “In Loving Memory of Jessica Walter.”


Archer is an adult animated sitcom created by Adam Reed, which follows the exploits of a dysfunctional intelligence agency, led by the narcissistic womaniser Sterling Archer.

The show was renewed for season 13 last month, with the eight-episode run set to launch sometime in 2022.