‘Atlanta’ shares season four teaser and release date

All good things must come to an end

Atlanta has announced the release date for the fourth and final season in a new teaser.

In a hyperreal one-minute video, the show’s core actors – Donald Glover, Brian Tyree Henry, LaKeith Stanfield and Zazie Beetz – can be seen walking to camera while dodging unusual incidents around them.

The end of the teaser then reveals Atlanta will return to FX for season four in September. A UK release date has not been shared yet.


Take a look at the announcement here:

Speaking to PEOPLE about the final day of filming season four, Glover recalled: “It was really fun, everybody clapped, it was nice. But it was sad because we all really grew up together, none of us really knew what this was going to be, and everybody’s grown up and has families [now].

“It just feels very special. It was kind of sad just because endings are sad, but they also mean that you had something special.”

Teasing the forthcoming episodes, Glover had previously said that only The Sopranos “can touch” season three and four of Atlanta.

After tweeting about a voting PSA ‘Get Your Booty To The Polls’, Glover moved the conversation on to his acclaimed FX series. “while im here: ‘atlanta’ s3+s4 are going to be some of the best television ever made,” he wrote. “sopranos only ones who can touch us.”


Here’s everything we know so far about Atlanta season four.

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