‘Attack On Titan’ to return as a stage musical in 2023

The first attempt to adapt the popular anime series into a stage musical was cancelled in 2017

Hit anime series Attack On Titan is set to inspire a stage musical that will begin running in Japan in January 2023.

The Attack On Titan musical will be directed by Gō Ueki following a script by Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress staff writer by Masafumi Hata. Japanese rapper and R&B artist Ken The 390 will also serve as the music director.

The musical is said to combine technology with a traditional stage show to bring the world of Attack On Titan to life, though no details have been shared on how Attack On Titan‘s signature 3D Maneuver Gear will be portrayed in a live stage setting. The device, which works via a waist harness that exudes a cable that can be reeled back in for rapid manoeuvrability, is a key part of the series.


The musical is set to star Kurumu Okamiya as Eren Jaeger, Sara Takatsuki as Mikasa Ackerman, Eito Konishi as Armin Arlert, and Ryo Matsuda as Levi. Watch the promotional trailer for the Attack On Titan musical below.

This is not the first attempt to adapt the popular anime series into a stage musical, as a 2017 adaptation was cancelled after acrobat Kazutaka Yoshino passed away while rehearsing wire action scenes for the musical. The acrobat was taken to the hospital after falling 10 meters in the Maihama Ampitheater in Chiba, suffering cardiopulmonary arrest, according to Anime News Network.

Attack on Titan will be concluding with The Final Season: Part 3 next year. No release date has been given so far, but Part 3 is titled ‘The Final Arc’, suggesting that these will be the last episodes in the series’s run.

Part 2 ends with Eren activating “the Rumbling”, the awakening of millions of Colossal Titans to literally stomp out most of humanity, bringing viewers ever closer to the controversial ending of the manga. The divisive end to the manga has resulted in debates about the tone of the ending and its messages, and has even led to a Change.org petition from fans hoping for a happier ending to the anime.