‘Big Little Lies’ boss says season three won’t be happening anytime soon

"Down the road? Maybe."

Big Little Lies boss David E. Kelley has said season three of the show “couldn’t be done right away”.

Speaking to TVLine, the executive producer explained how further episodes won’t be happening in the near future due to scheduling conflicts.

“I’m not sure logistically how it could be done because everyone is so busy,” Kelley said. “It [certainly] couldn’t be done right away. Down the road? Maybe.”


Nicole Kidman, who played Celeste in the HBO show, recently said that the third season was in development based on a new book written by author Lianne Moriarty.

“There’s a story being concocted,” Kidman added. “Our group of women all want to do it. It’s more the kernel of ideas that just need to be solidified.”

Kelley said that the idea “hasn’t progressed very far” yet due to scheduling issues.

“Nicole herself has about five projects backed up,” he said, adding: “Reese [Witherspoon] is equally as busy. Zoë [Kravitz] is [playing] Catwoman [in The Batman] — and that’s just the beginning. All [of the actresses] are extremely busy.”

He added: “But we so love the show and the characters, so none of us have given up on the idea of bringing the band back together.”


Kidman recently finished work on an HBO miniseries with Hugh Grant, The Undoing, which was made by the team behind Big Little Lies.

In a five star review of the new series, NME said: “All in all, this is a must-watch piece of telly that boasts two of the year’s most compelling leads in Jonathan and Grace.

“Ideally suited to the limited series format, Korelitz’s book is sure to fly off the shelves with increased speed when fans make it to the end of this adaptation. They’ll just have to unstick themselves from the edge of the sofa first.”