Thing get heated in new trailer for upcoming BL K-drama ‘Love Tractor’

From the same production team behind the hit 2022 BL K-drama hit 'Semantic Error'

Production company Next Entertainment World has released the trailer for its upcoming Boy’s Love (BL) K-drama series Love Tractor.

Love Tractor will follow city boy Sun Yool (Do Won of Master’s Delicacies fame), who moves to the countryside in order to escape his dull life. There, he meets passionate farmer Ye Chan (played by new actor Yoon Do-jin), and sparks soon start to fly between the duo.

The trailer opens with Sun Yool unsatisfied with his life as a law school student, venting his frustration in a car on a rainy night. He takes a trip to the countryside, where he gets off on the wrong foot with Ye Chan, who splashes a bucket of water on him.


Despite the duo’s rough start, they slowly start to grow closer as Ye Chan teachers Sun Yool the ways of country life. But when Ye Chan realises his feelings for Sun Yool, he actively tries to avoid him.

“Why are you avoiding me?” Sun Yool asks, to which Ye Chan confesses: “When I see you, I get extremely nervous. I like you, hyung. I’m going to make you see me as a man.”

Love Tractor will premiere on June 7. The series will be available through Chinese video streaming platform iQIYI in select territories.

Love Tractor comes from the same production team that worked on the 2022 BL K-drama hit Semantic Error, according to Soompi. The series will be helmed by director Yang Kyung-hee, known for his work on other BL K-dramas such as The Tasty Florida and Kissable Lips.

In other K-drama news, South Korean cable network ENA has released new teasers for the TV adaptation of Lies Hidden in My Garden. The series will star The Glory‘s Lim Ji-yeon and Hi Bye, Mama!‘s Kim Tae-hee.

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