Brian Cox says ‘Succession’ mirrors Boris Johnson’s “increasing lack of reality”

"We need leadership, and we haven't got it"

Succession star Brian Cox has said the series mirrors the political situation in the US and the UK.

The drama, focusing on the power dynamics in a major family business empire, is based on some true facts – with Cox explaining how other parallels can now be found.

“It’s a bit like the fall of the Roman Empire,” Cox explained to WBUR. “We’re kind of living in something where the paradigm, the political paradigm of the [U.S.] and also [in the U.K.] is shifting in a way that we have never really imagined. And it could be dangerous, but it also could be for the best.”


The actor explained how his character differs from real-life inspirations such as Rupert Murdoch or Donald Trump in the way that Logan Roy builds his empire from the ground rather than inheriting it.

“That puts a real spin on the relationship with his children because in a way, [Logan] loves his children, but they are a consistent disappointment to him,” he said.

“They suffer from being entitled in a way, and they’ve lost touch with reality, which is very similar to what we’re witnessing both with the prime minister of the U.K. and the president of America.”

On the “increasingly lack of reality” made visible in the show that manifests in the US and UK today, Cox says, “We need moral authority. We need leadership, and we haven’t got it.” he says.

Earlier this year, Cox said that filming for season three was “on hold” due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic – here’s everything you need to know so far about future episodes.