Bryan Cranston hopes 2021 brings more “forgiveness” and an end to ‘cancel culture’

"Where can we accept someone's behaviour if they are apologetic and take responsibility?"

Bryan Cranston has shared his wishes for 2021, urging for more “forgiveness” and a change to the “cancel culture” era.

“We live in this ‘cancel culture’ of people erring and doing wrong — either on purpose or by accident — and there’s less forgiveness in our world,” the Breaking Bad actor told AP Entertainment yesterday (January 5).

He added: “I think we’re unfortunately in a coarser environment. I think our societies have become harder and less understanding, less tolerant, less forgiving.”


Musing on the future of our society, Cranston asked “Where does forgiveness live in our society? Where can we accept someone’s behaviour if they are contrite, if they are apologetic and take responsibility?

“Isn’t it possible that forgiveness plays a part in that and they are welcomed back in, as opposed to creating more fences?”

He finished by saying: “Whether it’s having an impulsive reaction to something and being frightened and doing something wrong and being ostracised for the rest of their lives…

“I think we need to take a second look at that and exhale, and realise that asking forgiveness and receiving forgivenesses are not weaknesses, but human strengths.”


Bryan Cranston played drug kingpin Walter White in AMC’s Breaking Bad, which aired from 2008 to 2013.

Reflecting on the show’s “perfect” ending, the actor called it “so satisfying”.

“I know I’m biased, but I don’t recall seeing the ending of a show that was so well-constructed, satisfying and legitimate,” Cranston said. “Everything just seemed to fall into place so extraordinarily well.”