Chaos reigns in teaser for new supernatural K-drama ‘Monstrous’

Starring ‘D.P’’s Koo Kyo-hwan and ‘Hospital Playlist’’s Shin Hyun-bin

Streaming platform Viu has unveiled a new teaser for upcoming South Korean horror-thriller drama Monstrous.

In the new trailer, archaeologists unearth a massive Buddha statue with its eyes covered, as a man warns that it is haunted by a vindictive spirit. The sky quickly turns dark and ominous, and an image of Buddha at a nearby temple begins to bleed from its eyes.

All hell breaks loose in the neighbouring village, Jinyang-gun, as regular citizens appear to get possessed by the entity that inhabits the statue after laying eyes on it, causing destruction across the small, isolated town.


Set to premiere on TVING later this month, Monstrous stars Koo Kyu-hwan (D.P) as eccentric archaeologist Jung Ki-hoon, tasked to investigate the supernatural phenomena plaguing Jinyang-gun as the consequence of an ancient curse.

Joining him is Shin Hyun-bin (Hospital Playlist), who plays his character’s ex-wife Lee Soo-jin. A genius pattern interpreter, Soo-jin leaves her successful life behind and heads to Jinyang-gun after losing her daughter in a terrible disaster.

Notably, Monstrous is helmed by Hellbound director Yeon Sang-ho. The forthcoming series is the latest in the critically acclaimed director and screenwriter’s growing body of Korean horror films, which also includes the record-breaking Train To Busan (2016), its sequel Peninsula (2020), and occult drama The Cursed (2020).

The six-episode horror series is set to premiere on April 29 via TVING with new episodes releasing weekly, and will also be available to stream on Viu the following day.