‘Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me’: Romance blossoms between NCT’s Doyoung and Han Ji-hyo

TVING's new fantasy-romance series is due to arrive this month

TVING has unveiled a brand-new teaser clip for its upcoming original fantasy-romance K-drama, Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me

Starring NCT singer Doyoung and actress Han Ji-hyo, the new series will centre itself around Seo Hee-soo (Han), who comes across a magical notebook that can can make one fall in love with another person for a month, and uses its powers to embark on a brief one-month romance.

Meanwhile, her close friend, Jung Si-ho (Doyoung), is the only person apart from Hee-soo to know about the notebook’s powers, and becomes worried about her increasing reliance on it.


The new clip offers insight into Hee-soo’s overuse of the notebook in her love life, as she gets into new romantic relationships every month. It doesn’t go unnoticed by Si-ho, who begins worrying about her as he confronts Hee-soo: “Will you be okay? Are you able to date someone with no emotions?”

Despite Hee-soo’s initial disregard for Si-ho’s warnings, she begins to slowly realise the truth to his words, as she ponders about the reality of who exactly she wishes to be loved by, as imagery of Si-ho flashes by. Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me is set to premiere exclusive on South Korean streaming service TVING on July 14.

To X Who Doesn’t Love Me is written by Go Jae-hong and Wang Hye-ji, and directed by Go. Doyoung’s appearance on the new series notably marks his first-ever TV role. Meanwhile, Han Ji-hyo is best known for her previous roles on TomorrowA Business ProposalHospital Playlist and more.

In other NCT news, NCT 127’s Yuta has been announced to be sitting out of the boyband’s forthcoming ‘Neo City – The Link’ stop in Singapore on July 2, after testing positive for COVID-19 after arriving back to Seoul from their Japan tour. The remaining members of NCT 127 will continue to perform in the Southeast Asian city-state as planned.