DIA’s Jung Chae-yeon undergoes surgery following injury on set of ‘Golden Spoon’

The idol-actress had sustained a fractured collarbone

DIA member Jung Chae-yeon has undergone surgery after sustaining an injury on set for her upcoming drama Golden Spoon.

On September 12, her agency PocketDol Studio shared that the singer would be receiving surgery to repair a fractured collarbone following an accidental fall during the filming of her upcoming drama.

According to XSportsNews, Jung had fallen on a flight of stairs in the early morning of September 10 on set, and was immediately transferred to a hospital in Seoul. After undergoing a CT scan and X-ray, doctors confirmed that the 24-year-old idol-actress had a “collarbone fracture and showed symptoms of a concussion.”


As a result, Jung was scheduled to undergo surgery on the afternoon of September 13, during which surgeons planned to assess for ligament damage. At the time of writing, it is unclear if the surgery has been completed.

The singer has since posted on DIA’s official fan cafe site to assure fans of her wellbeing. “I’ll be fine once I get surgery!!!!! Don’t worry,” she wrote, per Allkpop. “I admit I’m a little nervous… but it’ll all be fine.”

The news comes just days before DIA are due to make a comeback with their single album ‘Rooting For You’ on September 15. The release will precede the girl group’s contract expirations with their agency, though PocketDol Studio have yet to confirm the future of DIA moving forward.

Both PocketDol Studio and MBC have yet to share if Jung’s injuries will affect her participation in upcoming scheduled activities for the girl group’s comeback and Golden Spoon, which will premiere in less than two weeks.