Disney+ announces six new original Indonesian titles

New original Japanese titles were also announced

Indonesian creatives unveiled six new Disney+ Hotstar exclusives at the Disney Content Showcase held in Singapore yesterday (November 30).

The Indonesian titles presented during the showcase include Hubungi Agen Gue! (The Talent Agency) and Wedding Agreement The Series Season 2. Updates on previously-announced titles Tira, Teluh Darah (Blood Curse), Jurnal Risa (Risa’s Journal: From the Danur Universe) and Mendua (Between Two Hearts) were also announced during the event.

Present during Indonesia’s segment of the showcase were award-winning producer and writer Mira Lesmana for Hubungi Agen Gue!, writer and Youtuber Risa Saraswati for her series Jurnal Risa, and stars Chelsea Islan for Tira, Deva Mahendra for Teluh Darah, Adinia Wirasti for Mendua, and Refal Hady for Wedding Agreement The Series Season 2.


Saraswati shared during the event that the series will see a horror-themed take on her life, Detik reported, with the Risa character and her cousins experiencing supernatural events in the 1990s. “At that time, her cousin performed a ritual and they had to form a rescue team for her cousin,” Saraswati shared, adding, “So I feel lucky a lot of stories from my youth with my cousins. So I wrote the novel Jurnalrisa and I am very grateful, they are a strength for me.”

A trailer for the superhero series Tira has also been shared by Disney+ Hotstar, which reveals that the series is the latest chapter in the Indonesian superhero Bumilangit cinematic universe, which also includes the films Gundala and Sri Aseh. Islan plays aspiring stuntwoman Suci, who must reconsider her career path when she encounters “a curse that must be broken before time runs out”.

Watch the trailer below.

Hubungi Agen Gue! (The Talent Agency) is a dramatic comedy that follows four agents in a talent agency struggling to save their business following the death of the agency’s founder. It stars Donny Damara, Hannah Al Rashid, Yoga Pratama, and Lydia Kandou, as well as popular Indonesian actors as guest stars in each episode.

Wedding Agreement The Series returns for a second season, which opens three years after the first season.


Other key Asian titles announced during the event include Japanese titles Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown Arc, Gannibal, Dragons of Wonderhatch, and House of the Owl.

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