‘D.P.’ season 2: cast updates, release window and everything we know so far about the Netflix series

Get the latest on the long-awaited sequel to the K-drama set in the South Korean military

Netflix found itself a heartfelt gem in August 2021 when it released D.P., a sincere K-drama series that sheds light on the drudgery faced by young South Korean men as they serve their mandatory two years of military service.

Adapted from Kim Bo-tong’s popular webcomic D.P. Dog’s Day, the show centres on the D.P – which stands for Deserter Pursuit – faction of the military, where soldier An Jun-ho (played by Snowdrop star Jung Hae-in) is transferred. Tasked with capturing deserters, Jun-ho comes under the tutelage and care of Sergeant Park Beom-gu (Kim Sung-kyun) and Corporal Han Ho-yeol (Koo Kyo-hwan).

The first season capped off with a suspenseful ending that left more questions about the main characters’ futures (along with an exciting post-credit scene) – and Netflix has done D.P. viewers a massive favour by picking the series up for a second season. Here is everything we know about D.P season 2 so far.


‘D.P.’ season 1
‘D.P.’ season 1. Credits: Blackaura / Netflix

Expect spoilers for D.P. season 1 ahead.

Latest news:

Has D.P. season 2 been confirmed?

Lead star Jung Hae-in first confirmed the production of D.P. season 2 in an interview with News1 in September 2021 – shortly after season 1 hit Netflix worldwide. Then, Jung told the outlet that the team behind the series had already “put the wheels in motion” on an additional season. “I’ve heard that the director and writer are already working on the script,” he said at the time, before adding that he hoped to “show my character’s growth” in the upcoming sequel.

Netflix then made the season 2 official in December 2021. The announcement was accompanied by a brief first look at season 2, where Corporal Han beckons Jun-ho to follow him.

What could the plot of D.P. season 2 be?

If the season 1 finale and the subsequent post-credit scene were any indication, D.P. season 2 will likely address the cliffhangers and consequences of the first season’s climactic events.


Spoilers for D.P. season 1 ahead.

After Suk-bong kidnapped Jang-soo and took him to an air-raid shelter beneath a tunnel located in Gangwon Province, he managed to trick the police again after Sergeant Park’s failed attempt to rescue Jang-soo. Park eventually managed to break free from Suk-bong’s grasp and tried to escape the tunnel, though a crazed Suk-bong eventually caught up with him and began holding him at gunpoint.

Jang-soo tried to appeal to Suk-bong by promising systemic changes in the South Korean army if he were to spare his life, though he didn’t manage to shift Suk-bong’s cynicism. Jang-soo then tried to get through to Suk-bong’s sentimental side, which worked briefly before the special forces unit caught up to the duo and surrounded them. Caught off guard, Suk-bong shoots himself.

After this, Sergeant Park was punished for his oversight while Captain Ji-sup got transferred to a different unit. Jun-ho, who was still in the midst of his two-year military conscription, joined in on the new recruits’ marching drill, but ended up leaving the crowd to head in the opposite direction to an unknown location.

Season 2 may focus on how Jun-ho intends to evade capture from the military, utilising the skills he has learned from his brief stint as a D.P. soldier to do so. Whether Suk-bong is alive or dead remains unclear. Seeing as Detective Han stated plans for a full investigation into Suk-bong’s unit in season 1, we could see the unravelling of a history of bullying and harassment within the military’s ranks in the coming season.

Who is in the D.P. season 2 cast?

When Netflix first confirmed the impending arrival of D.P. season 2 in December 2021, it also simultaneously confirmed that two of the series’ lead actors – Jung Hae-in and Koo Kyo-hwan – will be returning to reprise their respective roles as An Jun-ho and Han Ho-yeol.

In May 2022, Netflix also officially confirmed the return of Kim Sung-kyun as Sergeant Park as well as Son Seok-koo as Lieutenant Im Ji-sup. On top of that, the streamer also introduced two new actors to the cast: Move To Heaven’s Ji Jin-hee and Thirty-Nine’s Kim Ji-hyun. Ji will assume the role of Goo Ja-won, a chief legal officer situated at the South Korean military’s headquarters, while Kim will star as Lieutenant Colonel Seo Eun, an operations officer from the Ministry of National Defense Prosecutor’s Office.

On January 10, actor Choi Hyun-wook’s agency, GOLDMEDALIST, revealed that the Twenty One Twenty Five star has been cast in the upcoming second season of D.P., although further information about his role is not yet available.

‘D.P.’ season 1
‘D.P.’ season 1. Credits: Blackaura / Netflix

Supporting actor Song Duk-ho, who played Lee Jae-chang in season 1, was announced to be going on a hiatus after he became embroiled in allegations of engaging illegal broker services in order to evade mandatory military service in South Korea. Song became the latest public figure to be accused of doing so, after the Military Manpower Administration launched investigations into illegal military evasions by high-profile celebrities, according to The Korea Herald. Other celebrities who have been investigated include VIXX singer Ravi and national volleyball player Jo Jae-sung.

His agency, Bistus Entertainment, admitted to the “improper” means through which Song was exempted from service. “While [Song] was looking for ways to postpone his military service last summer, he used an unfair way where he received a level four [during the examination] instead of delaying his enlistment date,” the company wrote in their statement, per The Korea Herald. “[Song] is deeply reflecting on the incident and would like to apologise to those he disappointed.” Bistus Entertainment, however, did not specify the extent of his involvement in D.P. season 2.

How will I be able to watch D.P. season 2?

Like D.P. season 1, which premiered globally on Netflix, season 2 will also be available exclusively on the streaming platform around the world.

Is there a release date for D.P season 2?

Netflix has not announced an exact release date for D.P season 2. However, the platform announced on January 17 that the series is slated to premiere in the third quarter of 2023. Check out the first still of Jung Hae-in in D.P season 2 below!

Jung Hae-in in ‘D.P’ season 2. Credits: Netflix.

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