‘Euphoria’ star Hunter Schafer promises “hard truths” are coming for Jules

**Spoilers for the show's latest episode**

Euphoria star Hunter Schafer has teased what is to come for Jules Vaughn following the latest events on the HBO show.

This week’s episode You Who Cannot See, Think of Those Who Can explored Jules’ relationships with Rue (Zendaya) and Elliot (Dominic Fike), and in one big moment she learns that Rue had relapsed, unbeknownst to Jules the whole time.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Schafer was asked about what is next for Jules, the star admitting her character will be “facing hard truths”.


Reflecting further on Jules learning about Rue’s relapse, the star explained that her character “has been angsty about Rue slipping considering the smoking weed aspect”.

Hunter Schafer as Jules. CREDIT: HBO/Sky

“Jules, being in the position of someone who’s loving a drug addict, knows that drugs have been reintroduced into Rue’s day to day life, despite knowing that weed is relatively mild compared to Rue’s preference of opiates, it still makes Jules nervous,” she said.

“However, I do think Rue, like Rue said, has been good at her job as far as hiding her functional addiction from Jules. And I also don’t think Jules anticipated Elliot being a player in that situation either. Because when you look at it, they were good at their job. They were being really fucking sneaky.

“And maybe there was another part of Jules that was in denial. I think she probably could have picked up clues and tried to figure it out if she was looking for it, but I don’t know if she even wanted to be looking for it. That’s a really ugly truth to have to face.”

Jules (Hunter Schafer) and Elliot (Dominic Fike). CREDIT: Sky/HBO


Schafer also addressed concerns about how Elliot is coming between Jules and Rue, admitting: “I don’t look a lot at what people are saying, but from what I’ve seen there’s already – even without Elliot in the picture – some controversy over what people think about the nature of Rue and Jules’s relationship, and whether it qualifies as something that’s toxic or worth them investing their time and love and energy in.

“Because there is so much going on underneath the veil of that relationship on both ends,” she added. “And also now at this point in the season, Rue is hiding her addiction from Jules, which also changes the nature of the relationship, so I think Jules can feel that awkward energy there, and then is not getting what she needs from Rue, which obviously makes Elliot’s moves on her more tempting to give into.

“But also that’s not objectively very good for Rue and Jules’s relationship considering that would be cheating. So yeah, it’s kind of a big fucking mess.

“I think Elliot is just chilling and not really thinking about what he’s doing, and I don’t think his intentions are ill, but it’s certainly messy.”