‘Euphoria’’s Hunter Schafer teases what to expect for Jules and Rue in season two

The second season will hopefully start filming later this year

Euphoria’s Hunter Schafer has teased what fans can expect for her character Jules and Zendaya’s Rue in season two.

The first season of the hit HBO show ended with Jules running away and leaving Rue behind, after the pair had gotten closer.

Their relationship was explored from Rue’s perspective in December’s special bridge episode Trouble Don’t Last Always, while Jules will share her feelings in a second one-off episode Fuck Anyone Who’s Not A Sea Blob, which airs tomorrow (January 24).


Speaking to the LA Times, Schafer spoke briefly about season two, saying Jules and Rue will “reexamine their relationship” in the new episodes.

Production on season two has yet to begin, but creator Sam Levinson has said he hopes to begin filming in March and release episodes “this year”.

Schafer also spoke about tomorrow’s special episode, which she co-wrote with Levinson. “This was genuinely the most cathartic artistic experience I’ve ever had,” she said. “It was really special, being able to put that much of yourself into one singular product.”

The instalment will also see Jules examine her experiences as a trans woman, with the character’s feelings inspired by a poem Schafer wrote after leaving high school. “It was about this strange spiral I was having about hormone therapy and making an analogy between learning how to find beauty within yourself,” she explained.

“Like, rather than wanting to be as beautiful as another cis woman, wanting to be as beautiful as something even grander, like the ocean.”


Meanwhile, Schafer’s co-star Sydney Sweeney has also spoken about what to expect for her character Cassie in the next season of Euphoria.

“I can’t really talk about any of the scripts, but they’re amazing,” she told NME last year. “Cassie definitely goes through the wringer again. I know what happens [to her] but I don’t want to give it away.”

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