‘Eve’: Seo Ye-ji dances with danger in thrilling new trailer

The highly anticipated revenge drama premieres tomorrow

tvN has unveiled an exciting new trailer for its upcoming revenge thriller Eve, starring Seo Ye-ji.

The new trailer opens with Lee Ra-el (played by Seo) performing an alluring tango with a dance partner. “A tango is the process of becoming one heart,” she explains in a voiceover. She later accompanies her husband, Jang Jin-wook (Lee Ha-yul) at a lush upper-class gathering, where other women appear to sneer at and look down on her.

Afterwards, Jin-wook is seen talking to wealthy CEO Kang Yoon-kyum (Park Byung-eun), who Ra-el bears a vendetta against. “It’s interesting how you two have a connection,” she comments. The dancer sets off on her revenge scheme against Yoon-kyum, and promising to guide him and his family “to hell”.


Described as a fatal revenge tale, Eve follows a 13-year-old scheme aimed at taking down South Korea’s top wealth percentile. Seo’s Lee Ra-el is a woman described as a “dangerous flower” with a disarming charm to guise her craftiness, a skill she picked up after the untimely death of her father at a young age.

She is also the centre of a high-profile lawsuit, which arose from her desire to take down Kang Yoon-kyum, the CEO of megacorporation LY Group and a main culprit in the tragedy that befell her family.

Eve is set to premiere tomorrow (June 1) at 10:30pm KST on tvN, following a one-week delay due to its tight filming schedule. The upcoming series will air in the time slot previously occupied by The Killer’s Shopping List.