‘Fargo’ creator Noah Hawley confirms there’ll be a season five

“I’ll get to it in the next year,” he says of the show’s next instalment

Fargo creator Noah Hawley says he’ll definitely “get to” writing a fifth season of the show.

The show’s season four finale aired last November on FX, and is coming to UK audiences on Channel 4 this spring.

Little had been said about the prospect of a fifth season of the show, but Hawley has said that the prospect of another edition is very much alive.


Speaking during an event at the virtual SXSW festival, Hawley said of season five (via Variety): “It will happen, but I’m not in a place where I’m writing on that yet, but I’m definitely excited to do one on some level.

“I have to store up ten hours of what there is to say, so I have my notepad and keep writings things down,” he added. As for the timeline of a fifth season, Hawley said: “I’ll get to it in the next year.”

Fargo season 4 episode 10
‘Fargo’ season four. Credit: FX

As with every season of the show so far, the setting, premise and cast of the show’s next edition is likely to change. Season one, which had a cast including Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman, was set in Minnesota in 2006. Season two starred Kirsten Dunst and was set in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota in 1979. Season three, which starred Ewan McGregor, was also set in Minnesota but jumped forward to 2010.


The most recent season took viewers back to 1950s Kansas City, with Chris Rock starring as ‘Loy Cannon’, the head of a Black crime syndicate opposite the Faddas, the rival Italian mobsters.





Reviewing Fargo’s season four finale upon its release last year, NME wrote: “There were moments of brilliance in Fargo season four, with sharp dialogue and beautiful cinematography, but taken as a whole it felt uneven.


“There was a chance to tie up all the loose ends in this week’s finale, but few would argue that ‘Storia Americana’ did the job. Ultimately, this was a fairly deflating climax – even if the increased scale and ambition was welcome.”

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