‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 6 teases latest Walking Dead character crossover

"Is Sherry how Dwight remembers her?"

Fear the Walking Dead has teased the latest character crossover for season 6.

In a post on the spin-off series’ Twitter account, the show confirmed that Sherry will make an appearance alongside one of the show’s main characters – and her ex-husband – Dwight.

“Is Sherry how Dwight remembers her? Find out on the return of #FearTWD on October 11th,” read a caption to the post.


Sherry, played by Christine Evangelista, was last seen in season seven of The Walking Dead, and will be the third character to crossover into the spin-off series after Morgan, played by Lennie James, and Dwight, played by Austin Amelio.

Check out the post here:

Sherry’s appearance in Fear the Walking Dead was first teased by showrunner Ian Goldberg at the show’s Comic-Con@Home panel.  “We will see Dwight and Sherry this season,” he said.

“I don’t want to say too much else about it, but I think the thing that is really exciting to me and [fellow co-showrunner Andrew Chambliss] is we’re huge fans of the character of Dwight,” he continued.

“He’s a very different man by the end of season five on Fear than he was on The Walking Dead. There was just a whole new light to him. What’s interesting to us, if that reunion were to happen, is he’s a different person now, and who knows if maybe Sherry’s a different person.”


Goldberg added: “So the reunion might not be exactly what they think it is. It doesn’t mean it can’t be a great thing, but they’re both different people, and that’s a really interesting thing to explore.”

Season six of Fear The Walking Dead returns on October 11.